Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jungle Animals

Once upon a time there lived a toucan who had a lovely beak. And there also lived a macaw. Well the macaw was jealous of the toucan"s lovely beak and wanted it for himself! So one night the macaw sneaked into the toucan"s house and with his feet he tried to pull the toucan"s beak and tried to get it off. Then the toucan woke  up! What are you doing?! He asked. The macaw told him that he was jealous of the toucan"s beak. When he was finished the toucan said that the Ten Commandments said that you are not supposed to want  things that other people have. Oh! Will the Lord forgive me? Said the macaw. Only if you ask him said the toucan. Really? said the macaw. The toucan nodded Now that the macaw knew that he was a sinner he asked the Lord to forgive him of all his sins and the toucan and the macaw lived a happy life unto this day.

                                               THE END

Friday, January 14, 2011


Once upon a time in space there lived a king and queen named king James and queen Kelly and they had a son named prince John and they had a princess named princess Sarah. And the king said that there was going to be a ball tonight for Sarah and John! So they got dressed.

Meanwhile in the bad castle there lived a king named king Henry and a queen named Lila and they had prince named Robert they wanted the princess!

At the good castle they were almost ready for the ball then the bad guys burst into the room and grabbed the princess and took her away!But the good guys were smart. in the middle of the night they sneaked into the house and when they got the princess they yelled look what we got! All the bad guys turned to look and the king said get them! There was a great racket until from the last shot the princess fell to the ground. They dug a grave and buried her. But just then the princess shot out of the ground and her dress turned to a sparkly pink dress and they were married and they all lived happily ever after!                              


Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Snowballs

We learned today about Saturn and guess what? Its rings are made out of snowballs! I made a story about it!

Once upon a time a man came up into space and he had a bag of snow. He was going to throw it at the sun to cool it off because everybody was so hot! And when he saw Saturn and how lonely it looked he started to make snowballs and throw them at Saturn and when he was done the rings looked wonderful.

                                                      THE END