Monday, November 29, 2010


This is Maya and I am back! And I am done learning about the 4 seasons! Here is a picture of my lapbook that has all of the things we learned about.  Now I am learning about......SPACE! It is so much fun! The first thing that I learned about was the sun!Here are some of the things that I learned, the Sun was created on the fourth day of creation. It is very hot and it gives us heat and it is a medium star! We are going to learn about the planet mercury next! Well I have to go now see you later!

                                                          THE END!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Fall Break (Hilton Head and Savannah)

Hello, I am back and guess what? I went to Hilton head! It as so much fun! Me and KK waded in the ocean and did cartwheels and somersaults on the sand. When I was at the pool I met two little 5 year olds we played and we drew. It was so much fun!Oh now this is something you do not want to hear, but I will tell you anyway,we went on a ghost tour!It was so scary I could hardly breathe! That was in Savannah, they had the biggest candy stores I have ever seen!Well thats all! See you next time!