Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Hitched

We started learning Spanish today.  It is really hard to remember the new words! We made our touch and feel book, too. We found things that were soft, smooth, bumpy, prickly, rough, and lots more. Then we glued them on paper and made a book. We also started learning about Davy Crockett. We read a book about him getting hitched.  He was funny.  He ate flap jacks at miss sally's party, so we made flap jacks for lunch.  they were scrumptious!

I started a typing lesson yesterday and by my last try I got 302 right and 24 wrong and 16 words per minute. It is really hard to type and keep your fingers in the right place. I like it and hope it is easier next time. I like playing on the computer.

My mimmie came to visit our school today. She told mommy what she did good and bad.  I get to go to her house in three days!  It will be fun.



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Fourth Week

We have had a sad week because Bro. Don had a bicycle crash and has been in the hospital. We went to visit his family in the waiting room. They were very sad. We prayed for him all week. I hope that he feels better soon.

We learned about the sense of touch this week. Did you know that there are over 10,000 hair follicles on your head? That is awesome. We are also making a book about touch and feel.  We finished our Lewis and Clark unit, and Mommy said we are going to learn about Davy Crockett next. I had no strikes all week, and Mamaw gave me a makeup set! It was cool.

Max finished learning all his numbers, and he finished his first adding worksheet on Thursday.  He says he loves it. He was so excited that he did another one! Nina has started learning about shapes, she thinks she is in school too.


Monday, August 23, 2010

experimental day

Last week we finished talking about taste, and today we started learning about the skin and the sense of touch. We are also talking about trust this week in Bible and we are trying to build trust in each other. In english I am doing prepositional phrases again and imperative sentences and reviewing compound subjects and compound verbs. In math I am learning to write and add thousands. We almost finished Treasure Island, it's getting really scary. Jim got his shoulder cut by Israel Hands when he shot at him. Long John Silver is mean and he tries to act nice. I can't wait to finish it. We also rode our bikes to Mamaw's for lunch today and that was fun. I can ride standing up on the pedals now.

Thats it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

magnificent and spectacular day

Today I wrote in my Bible journal and Mommy read us a Bible story, and learned that even if you think something is just a little bit wrong then you are wrong because it isn't. Because something little will turn into something big sometimes and you can't get out. You should just follow God's laws.

I am also learning about compound verbs and I have to mark a lot of sentences. I also learned how to write thousands in math, you have to use a comma.

Today was a lot of fun because we rode our bikes to grannys house for lunch, and when we got back we made cookies with Mommy. It was really fun and spectacular.  We even had our own apron and hat. We tasted every ingredient before we put them in, and some of them were really salty and bitter and sweet. The sugar was the most sweetest. When the cookies were done we got to eat one and a glass of milk. They were splendid. And I loved them. And if you want to make cookies, then Mommy has the recipe.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the mysterious day

I got a new haircut! I wanted it cut really short, but Mommy wanted it long. And I got bangs.

I have been learning about compound subjects, and prepositional phrases. Yesterday we reviewed the
eye, then today we learned about taste buds. Taste buds taste sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. We're going to cook tomorrow with Mommy. I have my own apron to wear. We have been reading some more of Treasure Island, and Jim and his friends just left with the pirates to find the treasure.  I think Long Jon Silver is bad, but I don't know.  We also learned some more about Lewis and Clark, they took a boat up the Missouri River, and they made friends with the Native Americans and stayed with them for the winter. Yesterday we learned about Helen Keller she was a blind and deaf women. She got really sick when she was little and had a fever for a long time. When she woke up, she was deaf and blind. It was sad. We watched a movie about it that was really good.

                                           THE END

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 8

First we learned about Moses and God spoke to him through the burning bush, then we learned about the object of a prepositional phrase. That was hard. I had to draw a line through the noun and circle the preposition. Then I had to do lots of adding problems.  It was really really hard. Then we learned some more about Lewis and Clark  and the volunteers in the Corps of Discovery. His dog Seaman was a volunteer and so was Sacagewea. She translated for them so they could talk to the native americans. Then we went to the library and got books about their expedition and about the human eye. Then we played in the fountains.  It was hot, so that was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning about the eye

Today we heard another bible story about Jesus healing a blind man.  He was blind when he was born so he never saw colors or trees or anything. Jesus used spit and dirt and he told him to go wash in the river, and he could see. We are learning more about prepositions, and we found them in a story. We have a lot more spelling words this week, about the eye.  We learned more parts of the eye today, they are the lens, the cornea, and the sclera.  We watched a video about a kid cutting a cow's eye. (here) It was cool.  We got to hear two more chapters of Treasure Island, it is getting creepy, but I like it. At quiet time we played with the doll house again, and I'm going to have a swimming lesson today. I can't wait.
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Monday, a new week

Today our bible lesson was about Jesus making a blind man see, and the man said the trees look like men. So, today we started learning about the eye. We learned about the pupil, the iris, the retina and the optic nerve. We used Max's binoculars to see how the retina focuses. We also watched a video on the computer (here), and it showed us how many little parts are in our eye. I think it is millions. Kailey thought the video was gross because it showed a police man with no skin. We also learned about prepositional phrases, then we did math. During quiet time, we got to play with the new doll house. It is fun.

Friday, test day

First we gave our prayer list and had our bible story. Then we had to say our memory verse for the week. It was Proverbs 4, 20 My son, attend to my words, incline thine ear unto my sayings. Then we had a spelling test. It was easy. My words were attentive, observe, tongue, explore, senses, touch, and eyes. And then we went to visit another family who homeschool, the girl was named Brianne. And the boy was named Jacob. Caleb and Josh and Andrea were there too. They have a pet bunny. It was cute. We had fun and mom learned some stuff.

Day Four, the day of Excitement

First  we  did  Bible, it  was  about  the  good  Samaritan. Then  we  did  the  5  senses,  then  we  went  out  to  play,  then  we  did spelling. Mom put out some boxes with things them and we put a blindfold on and tried to guess what they were. I got all of them right. And then Mommy asked us what our favorite thing to touch, look at, smell, listen to, and taste.  She also asked us what our favorite thing to do was. After that we did our english and math.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 3 Expedition We are explorers

Today we learned about Lewis and Clark they crossed the Mississipp River and they were explorers. We took a quiz on the computer about the people and things they took along with them. We were explorers ourselves, we went to church and explored the things that were there. We also used our five senses. We heard birds and crickets and rustlings of the leaves. We saw a lot of baby caterpillars in a web in a tree, a ladybug, and a roly poly bug. We felt some rocks. Some of them were smooth and some were bumpy. We also felt the trees and leaves. Max collected samples of some of the things we saw. And after that we went back home and we did our spelling and math and english. We are making cards for people on our prayer list, and a book about Lewis and Clark.

Today I learned that Lewis and Clark took beef and vegetable soup, rifles, and flannel shirts on their expedition.

My favorite part was drawing and coloring pages for my book about Lewis and Clark.

I hope we read more of Treasure Island tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hard But Fun Day 2

We  did  are  bible  story  about  a  boy  outside,  selling  people  vegetables,  we  learned about sowing the seed of God. Then we talked about five senses, and we learned about Lewis and Clark. They crossed the Mississippi River, but first they went to see the president, and he told them to explore the new land. We did spelling and we had recess and lunch at church, then we came back. We learned about using our sense of seeing to know what a sign means. Then we did seat work, and read some more of Treasure Island, and we also made a craft of symbols. Then the day was over. It was pretty fun, but hard.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My First Day of School

Today  we  learned  about  the  5  senses  do  you  know  what  they  are?  They  are  feel,  hear,  see,  taste,
smell. Now  you  know  your  5  senses. We also learned about being attentive. That means listening and observing and paying attention.
We  did  a lot of work  but  it  was  a  little  hard and  we  also  read  a  2 chapters  in  Treasure Island. I like the part when the captain fell on the ground and the doctor came. That was exciting.
We did work sheets in math, I kind of liked them. We learned about things that can help us hear better in science. we learned some prepositions in english, and we highlighted them in a story, that was kind of hard.
My favorite part was when we read the story. The prepositions were hard, but it was fun using the highlighter.