Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunset In The Sky

I sit on the deck in a chair,
daydreaming about the sunset up close.
Clouds dot the beautiful sky,
a cool breeze blows across my face,
I look in wonder at the sunset;
it looks like a painting you would find at an art gallery.
It would be just like the real thing.
Orange as autumn,
Pink, like the bow my little sister wears.
Red, like my Mother's lips when she kisses my Father,
to welcome him home from a long day at work.
And a streak of purple,
like grapes growing on a vine.
I breathe in the minty and pine smell,
and stare at the sunset, hypnotized.
My sister comes outside and says,
"Maya, we are waiting at the supper table for you."
I just keep on staring at the sky.
My sister stares at me for a moment and realizes what I am doing.
"Mom, she's doing it again!"she says.
Now I'm in for it.
I take one last look at the sunset,
and head inside for supper.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Fab First Day Of School

Hi everybody! Are you so so glad I'm back?! Well, we are going to do something fun today! Do you want to know what it is? You do? Okay I will tell you, we are going to go to the first day of school! Does't that sound like fun! It does? Okay, well first we need to make sure that we have everything that we need.

1. pencil,check.
2. folder,check.
3. notebook,check.
4. crayons,check.
5. markers,check.

Well, all we have to do now is pack some lunch then we will be off to school, I am going to pack, some crackers and cheese and ham, to drink i am going to pack juice, and 5 rolo bars for dessert.  Here I go!

I am back from school let me tell you what we did.  We did math first, then spelling, then Bible, then science then reading time, then quiet time. O it was so much fun! You should have been there, Well, I have to go now its been fun, by!

Monday, April 4, 2011


HI! Guess what? Our plants are starting to grow!The Zinnias are very, very, very, very, big! We moved all of the zinnias outside today!

We planted the zinnias in the front yard, here is what we did: 
(1) we dug a few holes
(2) we got a little of the green stems for each hole 
(3) we put them in the hole
(4) we put dirt on them 
(5) we poured water on them 
(6) we put more dirt on them. 

So now we will wait for God to make them grow!
So we had a lot of fun! Well, got to go! THE END


HI! Guess what? Our seeds are starting to grow! Some flowers are very, very, very, very, big! We moved the ones that are growing outside today! 

We planted the seeds in the front yard, here is what we did: 
(1) we dug a few holes
(2) we got a little of the green stems for each hole 
(3) we put them in the hole
(4) we put dirt on them 
(5) we poured water on them 
(6) we put more dirt on them. 

So we had a lot of fun! Well, got to go! THE END

Friday, March 18, 2011

Measuring spoons and other stuff

Well I have some really, really, really, really, really bad news.  We planted the seeds without you!  But that is ok, I am going to tell you everything we did. 

First, we got all the stuff we needed, seeds, instructions, water, measuring spoons, pots, water, and dirt.  Then I read the instructions to Max and Nina.

Then we put the soil pellets in the bowl and covered them with the water from the measuring spoons.

Then, we smashed the soil pellets with forks to break up the soil.

After that, we poured the soil into the pots, and sprinkled the seeds on top.

Then Max took the pots and put them in the bay window in the school room in a good patch of sunlight.  And guess what?  They haven't grown a BIT!!  I am going to keep checking and I will let you know when I see something growing.  It should be any minute now.

And Momma put some of our extra seeds on a sponge to see if plants can grow without dirt, but I don't think they are going to.

Momma also put all the pictures on my blog for me today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello, guess what? You get to come to my house soon! Do you know why? Because we are going to plant some fruit and vegetables and flowers! My mom got these little pots and some seeds that have names on them like strawberries and sunflowers and basil and stuff like that! But before you come, you need to pack the stuff we will need. Okay, here is a list of things you need to bring.
(1) shovel
(2) seeds
(3) pots
(4) watering can
(5) GOD
My mom said that once our plants get 3 inches tall, we are going to plant them in the garden in our backyard.  The only way these plants will grow is to give them water and let God give them sunshine.  I will let you know know when it is time to plant them in the ground and you can come over and help!  Right now I am going to go into the house and fix lunch. See you soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


(Read the first part here!)

Here is a nice spot for our picnic, just under this tree.  After we finish eating, we are going to take a look at he birds, then we are going to head back to the bus, so we can go home.

Let's see. What do we have for lunch? We have, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hamburgers, chips, salad, cake, cookies, and fresh lemonade. Once we have asked the Lord to bless our food, we will dig right in!

Now that we are finished with our lunch, lets check out that bird exhibit that I told you about, okay? I am sure that you will love it.

Well here we are! Look! A toucan, and a parrot, and lots of humming birds! Lets feed the birds, and then we will head back to the bus, okay?

That was a good safari, but its time we head back to the bus, the kids are sleeping. Now that we our back on the bus, lets go home.

                                                            THE END