Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jungle Animals

Once upon a time there lived a toucan who had a lovely beak. And there also lived a macaw. Well the macaw was jealous of the toucan"s lovely beak and wanted it for himself! So one night the macaw sneaked into the toucan"s house and with his feet he tried to pull the toucan"s beak and tried to get it off. Then the toucan woke  up! What are you doing?! He asked. The macaw told him that he was jealous of the toucan"s beak. When he was finished the toucan said that the Ten Commandments said that you are not supposed to want  things that other people have. Oh! Will the Lord forgive me? Said the macaw. Only if you ask him said the toucan. Really? said the macaw. The toucan nodded Now that the macaw knew that he was a sinner he asked the Lord to forgive him of all his sins and the toucan and the macaw lived a happy life unto this day.

                                               THE END

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