Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunset In The Sky

I sit on the deck in a chair,
daydreaming about the sunset up close.
Clouds dot the beautiful sky,
a cool breeze blows across my face,
I look in wonder at the sunset;
it looks like a painting you would find at an art gallery.
It would be just like the real thing.
Orange as autumn,
Pink, like the bow my little sister wears.
Red, like my Mother's lips when she kisses my Father,
to welcome him home from a long day at work.
And a streak of purple,
like grapes growing on a vine.
I breathe in the minty and pine smell,
and stare at the sunset, hypnotized.
My sister comes outside and says,
"Maya, we are waiting at the supper table for you."
I just keep on staring at the sky.
My sister stares at me for a moment and realizes what I am doing.
"Mom, she's doing it again!"she says.
Now I'm in for it.
I take one last look at the sunset,
and head inside for supper.

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