Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hello! As you can see the title says that there are a little bit of things you need to know about Jungle Animals, and guess what? We get to get to go on a safari! Are you excited?! You are! Well then, lets get started!

Okay, here are some things you need to bring. (1) a notebook. (2) water bottle. (3) a umbrella. (4) a backpack.
(5) a guide book. (6) a raincoat. (7) some snacks. (8) a safari hat. (9) a picnic blanket. (10) a picnic basket.

 Okay, did you get everything packed? You did! Okay lets gets this show on the road! Watch your step as you climb on the bus, take a seat. If you ask me the front seat is the best! Is everyone on the bus?Okay, as you can see the amazon rain forest has lots of trees. No! I did not mean look out your window and there would be some trees! I was just reading from my guide book,. It takes a couple of hours till we get to the Amazon Rain Forest. As I was saying as you can see the rain forest has lots of trees, but some people are cutting down some trees so the animals have no place to live! And we are going to the Rain Forest to find out what kind of animals live there and what they see and do. Okay we are here so stay close together!

On your left you can see a jaguar finishing his meal of a owl. On your right you will see a monkey swinging from the trees. Flying in the air you can see a hummingbird gathering pollen and some butterflies.  Up ahead there is a lion tackling a monkey over some fruit.  Let's find a safe place for our picnic...things are looking dangerous.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what else we see on our safari.  (Read part two here!)

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